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  • Product Description
    • NEW computer stand (table) dual type racket stringing machine

      Main machine stringing system:

      • Straight line stringing method
      • LCD pounds display with 0.5LB
      • Automatic memory set with specific pounds
      • Computer main board is provided with a number of stringing protection function and tension automatic correction function, and quick power on self-checking function;
      • Multi pull speed settings, suitable for different racket strings.
      • Precise pounds from 1 to 90.
      • With KG and LB conversion function, convenient for different user.
      • Knot and pre-stretch function

      Racket clipping system:

      • Mobile six point racket clipping system, fast and uniform stress
      • Rotary tool box, convenient to take tools.
      • K-clamp with badminton and tennis dual use, using special materials to contact with racket, no hurting and convenient to string.
      • Patent anti-sliding clamp base system, not accidental loosening after locking, durable, and no fault;
      • This system totally overcomes racket deformation problem due to clamp base slipping.

      Clamp system:

      • Adopt 5-teeth clamp, suitable for both badminton and tennis, treated with hardening and anti-aging, clip tightly and no slipping.
      • Adjusting with the nut for different strings diameter.
      • With lever fast handle system, no accidentally bouncing or loosing.

      Support system:

      • Place on the floor or place on the table without column.
      • Provided with four adjusting balance mat, ensure that the machine is placed stably without shaking in any position.








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