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      Woven Technology

      WOVEN fiber is an advanced material which is widely applied in the airplane manufacturing industry. IT greatly enhances the racket’s strength and resistance to torsion, which could help to improve the player’s overall flexibility, playability and power significantly.Woven fiber helps to improve the racket strength by 20%, to increase string tension by 15% and to reduce weight by 10% while maintaining the same strength as before.






      Aerodynamic Design

      All different types of Fan-shaped Aerodynamic racket frames including octagonal, hexagonal, streamlined and fan-shaped frames adopt the principle of Aerodynamics to significantly reduce air resistance and improve overall power and control.




      Weight 80 and below 81-84 85-89 90 and above
      Market Custom 5U 4U 3U 2U
      each racket must show it weight, the method commonly used such as U, 2U, 3U, 4U and other. Weight for full carbon racket usually around 2U (90-94g) or 3U (85-89g), for aluminum frame racket’s weight usually is U (95-99g) above, but now there are some full carbon racket’s weight around 80g. The heavier racket suitable for players who powerful and biased to attack . Lighter racket suitable for players who biased to defend.


      lb 18-22 22-24 24-28 28 and above
      Suitable for Junior Intermediate Advanced Expert
      Tension mean tightness of racket’s string. The higher tension, the tightness racket’s string. Low tension’s elastic higher, but hard to grasp the placement; High tension can control it placement accurately, powerful smash, but it quite effort. Expert players seek for the highest speed and power, they will choose the higher tension of racket.




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